Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Dawn of Disease - Crypts of the Unrotten

"Enter the Crypts"

Germany and death metal are usually not two things you would combine, instead you might think of power and thrash metal. Maybe it's time to think again because this release by Dawn of Disease is a real ass kicker and contain one of the best death metal songs I have heard in a while. 'Alone With the Dead' is the first track I heard from the album and it is also the best. The structure of the song is perfect and the manage to put some groove inspired music in there as well. If I read that groove was implemented in this, like you are now, I would already closed down the review. But it only really comes to life in this one song, which I'm pretty sure a lot of death metal enthusiasts would appreciate. The album does however also contain one of the stupidest song titles as well. I am talking about the song 'Knife Vs Flesh', it is basically a good song but if only they had chosen another title. This band does not have a German on vocals though. Surprising, huh? Tomasz Wisniewski is from Poland and his vocals fits perfectly into the band and the music they wish to create. When we talk Polish vocalists I guess Nergal and Piotr PaweĊ‚ comes to mind. I wouldn't say the are alike but the vocals are pretty angry on this album.

If you a good stereo or some kick ass headphones then you are going to enjoy the album to the fullest. The production lifts the album to a little higher level, where if it hadn't been in possession of the sound it does the mediocreness would probably had shined through some more. Rhino. Yeah I said it, rhino is the word I would use to describe the sound of the album. It runs you down and sounds great.
I only stumbled upon this band because of the artwork for this album. Some time ago I did a review on a band called The Cleansing and Remy Cuveillier who did the cover for their release also delivered this rotten piece of artwork for Crypts of the Unrotten. A splendid job and the bands logo fits in very well, so the cover is approved indeed.

I'm starting to kind of implement some songs that deserves to be mentioned for all you lazy boys out there who doesn't feel like listening to the whole album. Songs I would recommend is Alone With the Dead, The Unrotten, Enter the Gates, Calcium Bones and Catacombs.
If you want to add something fresh for your collection I would definitely recommend this album. It is not ground breaking, but it is a really solid album by a newer band. It has some good moments and if you like death metal you won't regret giving this album a listen.