Blog Features

We got a some features on our blog besides regular reviews. It is nothing simple but we thought we would cut out a couple of seconds to explain the different stuff you'll encounter on the blog.

Underground Discoveries
Sometimes we put together a collection of underground discoveries. It contains of new bands we think needs more exposure, it might even be yours! Each band will be recommended to a certain audience whether it being old school thrashers or NWOBHM fanatics and so on.

Forgotten Ones
A feature where we review that band who released one kickass album and split up and no one ever heard about since. Of course we don't focus on bands that only released exactly one album, but bands that has more or less been forgotten.

When Reunion Comes
Reunion albums are becoming more and more prominent and popping up everywhere. So we've put up WRC to handle such matters and put a little spin on it. Of course most reunion albums are pretty shabby but there's a couple that actually upholds the legacy.

Annual Round-Up
We're jumping on the "band wagon". At the end of each year we'll put together the records we liked the most from the year that just passed. That's about it!