Monday, March 18, 2013

Underground Discoveries II

It is back! We are extremely excited to be back with the follow up to the first edition of Underground Discoveries! No genres will be revealed in this little introduction but you will not be disappointed. Jacob have been handling the coloured album covers while Alexander's discovering has resulted in the greyish albums. 


Bioplasma was formed in 2009 by a fellow named 5R, originally called 'Sudden Infant Death' after three years of not releasing demos he got smart and changed the name to Bioplasma, and this, my friends is some pretty sick shit. Raw technical brutal death metal at its best!


Supreme Danish death metal in the style of occult death metal masters such as Incantation and Rottrevore.


Another Danish band, this time its pure black metal. Pure evilness and a raw sound dominates this evil oneman project by a fellow named Asrok. Only released one demo conviently called 'Demo', check it out, pretty cool stuff.

Into Darkness

From the land of silk suits and olive oil, I bring you Into Darkness. This young band plays death/doom metal the way it was supposed to be and bands like Asphyx are going to proud of this offspring! The band is female fronted but do not judge them upon that because the death metal vocals are superb so forget all about Angela Gossow! In 2012 they released their self-titled demo which brings you back to the glorious 90's, so I kindly demand you to step into the darkness...


When it usually comes to black/thrash metal, I pass. The reason why is the vocals that bothers me, but when it comes to DeathCult from Chicago it is another story... Formed in 2011, the debut "The Test of Time" smashed the streets into pieces when it was released in early 2013. The black and thrash influences has been blended in together so well that even if you hate black or thrash metal you won't get overdosed with either of the genres by this band. I urge you to check out this band, they are definitely somebody to keep your eyes on in the future... Hail the DeathCult!

Garden of Worm

You might be pumped after the previous entries but now we are slowing it down. Named after a King Crimson song, Garden of Worm plays doom metal with progressive influences. Formed all the way back in 2003 in Finland, their latest released material dates back to 2010 with their self-titled debut album. So if you're in for some hard hitting doom blended immensely well with some laid back progressive passages, then Garden of Worm is something for you!