Monday, September 16, 2013

Underground Discoveries III

The third edition of Underground Discoveries has now been unfolded with six new bands for you to sort through. As always, the first three bands has been hand picked by Jacob and the last three bands has been picked by Alexander. 


An absolutely fantasic one-man black metal band from Germany, founded by a guy named Fyrnd. The sounds are very atmospheric, even eerie at times. Fyrnd has talents in all the instruments used on the albums, and he certainly puts them to good use. The songs are long and epic and sometimes makes me feel like I'm in a trance. Definitely recommended to any who likes black metal as a whole. (Maybe not you ''trve'' elitist fucks)

Coffin Dust

Coffin Dust is the kind of death metal I like, old school and horror-inspired lyrics! They even go on using a quote from the Evil Dead films, which are some of my favourite films ever. The band has a very griddy style with grinding drums, sometimes reminding me of crossover drumming. They also have very sharp-sounding guitars, I would equal it to the sound of two chainsaws recorded into a mic.

Pine Barrens

Pine Barrens is a punk-fusioned black metal band from Manchester, England. They have a really catchy and short song-style, which I fucking adore. There is nothing more annoying than 4 minutes of the same punkish black metal *Cough* Kvelertak *Cough* . But these guys are fresh and play a very ferocious variate of that. They are definitely worth checking out.


Gatekeeper comes from the usually snow covered country of Canada. They play epic heavy/doom metal, and they do it with style! They released a breathtaking EP in 2013 and a live album as well! These lads definitely deserves the terms epic, and it is pure joy to listen to their work. Fantastic sound and music mixed with some magnificent vocals. This is a band you truly need to explore for yourself, and trust me, you will not regret it!


Want some more epic stuff? Then here is Evangelist, a epic doom metal band from Poland! The members of the band is actually anonymous and since we are in this genre territory it will probably not surprise you that I bring up Candlemass. The vocalists of Evangelist got some similarities to Messiah but they do not sound like they are ripping off Candlemass. They got their own sound and they released their second album here in 2013 which is a fantastic epic doom journey. So if you got a soft spot for doom metal, they you should seriously consider adding Evangelist to your library!


Do not let the pink colours trick you, it is time to pick up some speed. Some brutality and thrash! Laceration comes from the Bay Area and can easily be your replacement for Demolition Hammer. However they don't try to copy any band or reinvent anything. And that is why Laceration is a band I highly recommend. They got their own identity and are some of personal favourites when it comes to new thrash bands! They've just recently released a split EP and the next step for the upcoming thrash giants is a debut album!