Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Forgotten Ones: Tågefolket - Lad Asketid Begynde

"I See Fog People"

We, Danes have never been that efficient at creating our own unique metal genres. Not like our Scandinavian brothers, such as the Swedes death metal or the Norwegians black metal. But still we have good bands in both of those areas such as Iniquity, Deus Otiosus, Denial of God and Nortt. Ynleborgaz, on the other hand is better than good. He is a Danish primal one-man band machine with a lot of ideas. With bands such as Angantyr, Make a Change... Kill Yourself and Holmgang on his resumé. Tågefolket was a project made by him and Huul from Blodarv, and different from other bands he was or is in. The atmospheric button has been dialled way up and overall feel is very claustrophobic and haunting.

Lad Asketid Begynde, which can be translated to 'Let the Time of Ashes Begin', I thought was a re-recording of the 1996 demo of the same name but that is not really the case, I think, although I could be wrong on that one... Anyhow, the album cover fits the music perfectly, it is simple, grey and spooky. The medium paced-passage in the end of the first song has a very eerie atmosphere about it... A feeling that there is people singing in edges of the forest but you can´t see them while you're walking by. Ynleborgaz mostly implement simple riffs with not a lot of meat on them, but they don't ruin the EP completely, as they are quite eerie in sound. The production is not really special, the drums have a hollow production but are at least well-played with a lot of awesome fills and beats, especially on Lad Asketid Begynde, Del I. The bass is sometimes inaudible, but usually just lies in background chilling with sixteenth note tremolo riffs. As I said before the guitars are nothing special, but do the majority of the job to give a very neurotic and tight atmosphere.

The vocals are quite good, they sound like a thicker and a more agonizing version of Fenriz, but with a more flexing behaviour and a small dose of chanting clean vocals on the first track. Lad Asketid Begynde, does suffer from a couple of things, mainly the length of the demo and variation. If there were more passages such as on track one with more catchy mid-paced riffs like on Lad Asketid Begynde, Del II. This demo would have been much greater, but too many times I felt the riffs were kind of dull, simple and unvaried,  It has the potential, especially with the atmosphere, if you can dig it up somewhere I would recommend this to any black metal fan.