Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Endless Recovery - Thrash Rider

"Beware of Greece"

Before we start I would like to use an old saying: Don't judge a book by its cover.
Now let get this thing started! Endless Recovery started back in 2010 and Thrash Rider is their debut album. Even though the band haven't been active for that many years they've really shuffled through some members leaving drummer, Michalis as the only remaining founding member. But that is not the biggest change to note, as the biggest change is the vocals. Their old vocalist was your generic shouting thrash vocalist, but new in the ranks is Mixalis, whose vocal is leaning more towards black metal but keeping the thrash element to it. If you really wanted to, you could probably draw some lines to the old Sodom, but still keeping its own style with the use of squeals at the end of certain lines in the lyric.

Thrash Rider contains 8 tracks and it spins for 30 minutes. The total time of this record actually becomes one of its strongest forces and therefore minimizes the chance of the album becoming too long and dull. Instead of that it becomes a thrash metal fix you can consume in 30 minutes. As the first force of the album was its length, the second force is the vocals. The third and final force is actually the production. Sound-wise I really like this album, while it is nothing special or big change within the genre it does what it is supposed to. In particular, I really like the pumping sound of the bass drums which really comes into play in Corrupted Media Propaganda with its continuously high tempo. Besides that song I would recommend Power of Hate which contains some good harmonic solos and then the title track, Thrash Rider with its "catchyness" if that's even a word... probably not. Listen to it anyway!

So why not judge a book by its cover? In my case I would have turned this album down immediately if it was something I had found myself. In spite of thrash metal being my favourite sub genre, I am tired to death of cliché revival bands. Luckily some bands like Evile, Violator and Fueled By Fire matured...
Not all of Thrash Rider is entirely cliché but it is overall a really good and well crafted thrash experience that lasts 30 minutes, simply put: It doesn't outstay its welcome. Once again Greece proves to have a gem within its metal scene among bands like War Device and Bandemonic. I would definitely recommend Endless Recovery and I hope they can follow up with another fun and thrashing release like this one!

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