Sunday, December 14, 2014

Earth - Primitive and Deadly

"The Serpent has Arrived"

Earth is a band originating from the United States, and are considered pioneers of drone/doom. And I have loved them since I heard the album, The Bees Made Honey in the Lion's Skull in 2008. They also have a personal meaning to me, since they helped me through a few rough months some years back, where the only thing I'd listen to all day was them. I don't know what really made me interested in them, maybe it was the psychedelic blend of genres I love, such as stoner, doom and country (to a certain level). Maybe it was their drone metal that made me feel like I was in another place, I don't know. What I do know is that their latest release, Primitive and Deadly is a great album. Hell, it is better than that. It is awesome.

This album has some of the best atmosphere in doom metal The finely produced distortion on the guitar makes the music sound thick, warm and ecstatic, as if you were thrown into a journey that takes you through and over both soft earth, majestic waters and towering mountains.

The music itself contains enchanting energy. The drums are well-produced, and plays almost daze-like beats throughout the album. Thanks to the thick atmosphere, the performance makes it sound like the drummer was in a well-induced trace. Every part of the kit sounds great. The snare has a really nice bottom to it, and does not sound sloppy like some doom metal bands sometimes do. The bass drum sounds hollow, yet rich. And the cymbals sounds clear, I mean like crystal clear it is almost impossible to describe it otherwise.

The vocals are performed by Mark Lanegan on There is a Serpent Coming and Rooks across the Gates (Which is my favourite song from the album), while the song, From the Zodiacal Light is performed by the beautiful Rabi Shabeen Qazi of Rose Windows fame.  They both do a fantastic job of fleshing out the album. It almost makes me feel like I am riding through the prairie. But best of all is the guitars, they play a lot of dissonant and slow chug-like riffs that often ends in a long sustained note, combine that with the screechy distortion it creates a truly powerful atmosphere. The riffs have a warm sound, almost making you feel like you are in a womb, a little world where you have nothing but time to study and experience this journey you have undertaken.

Even though this album is basically The Bees Made Honey in the Lion's Skull but with vocals and a little bit more country-influence, Earth's formula have not gotten old. The music and vocals are incredible packed with a thick and astounding atmosphere. This is more than just another record, this is an experience.