Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Underground Discoveries I

In this first edition of our brand new feature "Underground Discoveries" we got five bands for you. Jacob has been on the lookout, and found a variety of bands, while Alexander have been taking a firm look at the thrash scene in Croatia.

Caladan Brood

Caladan Brood were formed in 2008 and plays an epic/atmospheric black metal, they recently released their first full length album by the name of "Echoes of Battle". Their musical style is very similar to Summoning, but they still manage to have a style of their own. And instead of singing about the works of Tolkien, which admittedly most epic/atmospheric black metal bands do, they sing about Steven Erikson's epic fantasy series "Malazan Book of the Fallen". Also the band's name is taken from an eponymous warlord of the series, kick-fucking-ass!

Morgue of Saints

Morgue of Saints is a soloproject by multi-instrumentalist Elliot C. who resides in Montreal, Canada. They mix avant garde and drone with doom metal and they even have hints of funeral doom and dark ambient sounds.


Formed in Zagreb, Croatia back in 2010, Bronza plays straight forward thrash metal and sounds like the really early Slayer. That means expect some hard hitting shit in the vein of Show No Mercy and Haunting the Chapel. That is just when it comes to the music, because the vocals is another story. They are not clean, but pure evil. That is the way I would describe them as they don't lean towards black or death metal vocals. Evil thrash metal, is what would describe this band. At the moment the band have not released any material but got two faceripping tracks on YouTube. So they need a bunch of support, and they deserve it.


We are staying put in the land of Croatia but moving from Zabreb to Osijek where we find Vortex. With a story growing since 2007 they released a demo in 2009 called "Thrash is Alive" which was nothing over the ordinary and would fast drown in the still growing new wave of thrash metal. But after a few replacements Vortex were ready in 2012 with the EP "We Kill the Angels" they band found brand new energy and actually sounded fresh and individual. Definitely a band you would keep an eye on in the future.


It is probably not a surprise when I say that we stay in Croatia. This time however we are moving back to Zagreb and taking a look at Descender who has been around since 2008. Obviously when talking about thrash metal it is aggressive. But these guys are on some serious shit to bring forth the hard hitting power that is behind their debut album "Descending Into Chaos" from 2012. You could compare them to the old Sepultura pre-groove when it comes to the vocals, and the music as well sometimes, but it is a mix of all you know and love about aggressive thrash!