Monday, September 30, 2013

Fuck the Facts - Amer

"The Beauty Under the Grind"

Fuck the Facts - Amer

Fuck the Facts is a band that has been around since 1999 with Topon Das being the only original member left, they have released eight albums and a ton of splits, EP's and compilations. And in my opinion the band really got into its groove when vocalist Mel Mongeon entered the band in 2002. It was when I listened to their 2006 album Stigmata High Five, that I was intrigued with the bands panicky and eccentric grindcore and melodic, groovy and noisy style of death metal. And it should be said right away that I really love this band, so it is very hard for me to maintain an objective view of this EP.

Fuck the Facts have changed their sound slowly over the years, from a very eerily and outright maniacal sounding grindcore group to the more melodic and groovy sounding metal, while still maintaining their grindcore roots. While this EP certainly has much more melody and less grindcore, their intentions are the same. Insane up-beat music on songs such as 'Vent Du Nord' and mindblowingly beautiful passages in songs such as 'Une Triste Vue' and 'Amère', Now I must admit that I don't know shit about the french language even though I had it in school through 7th to the 9th grade. But I don't really mind it since I don't read lyrics half the time I listen to metal anyways, there is one song with english lyrics though and that track is just as good as the others.

The whole EP is full of both intense grindy moments and fantasticly executed more melodic passages. Topon delivers some really insane riffing, the insane kinda riffing that is both wild and catchy at the same time. Drummer Vil applies fast and precise blast beats and other tricky-sounding beats. The bass I can rarily hear, though bassist Marc Bourgon delivers some great backing vocals. On top of the pile of excellent music and productions is Mel Mongeon's signature yelling vocals mixed with some deep-growls which was used on the
last album 'Die Miserable' and EP 'Misery', and they're certainly a welcoming addition on this EP as much as they were on the forementioned.

Fuck the Facts is a band that continues to get better and better, and this is no exception. This is definitely a great collection of tracks that I'm gonna listen to a long time from now.



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