Sunday, March 2, 2014

Steel Inferno - Demo 2014

"Come to the Red Sabbath"

Steel Inferno is a female fronted heavy metal from Denmark but also features members from France, Greece and Poland. And this demo which is unattractively named Demo 2014 is their debut release.

"Congregation of the righteous"

Starting off with the name of the release and the cover, I think that this release should have some kind of name. I don't find it intriguing when a release is just named "Demo" and then just features a black cover. Of course many bands these days want to be old school, so that might be the case. Getting past of the visuals, this release features some very, very promising material. When I first heard this band it was the track Red Sabbath and instantly I thought that vocalist Karen had similarities to Nicole Lee of Znowhite. Bringing up vocal similarities is not something I practice that much, but in this case the thought just stayed with me all the way. So expect a more angry female vocal, and not a standard female vocal or something ranging towards symphonic female vocalists style.

"The cadres summoned"

The production and overall sound of this release does not really scream out demo, as it could very well have been released as an EP. However the music itself is to me a demonstration of what is to come from this band. The tracks is mostly carried on the shoulders of vocalist Karen and the guitars as the bass and drums doesn't really add anything to the picture and can be quite dull. The five tracks on the demo spans for just about 21 minutes, and every track offers a little something, however I must say the star of the demo is Red Sabbath. Tracks like War Anthem and Merciful Slayer are also great, and I can only recommend going through the whole release. Besides just heavy metal, the band is without a doubt inspired by some of the German heavy/speed metal bands from the 80's, so you'll get a little speed here and there. The lyrics is something I have to point out as well, as they are well written, intriguing and fits the music very well.

"...Red sabbath!"

I would like to hear the band playing something faster and more aggressive, as it would really suit the vocals. Merciful Slayer is a great example for just that, and more of it would definitely be welcomed. I must say I look forward to hear what Steel Inferno will come up with next, and I hope that they'll make some tweaks here and there to make their music even better. So if you're looking for a promising female fronted heavy metal, then you should get your hands on this demo and keep your eyes peeled for Steel Inferno in the future!

Support the band on Facebook, and listen to their demo on Bandcamp. You can download it for free by pressing on "Buy Now" and typing 0. Or if you feel like it, support the band with a couple of bucks!